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What would travelling be without music – my holiday playlist

I returned from my summer holidays only two days ago and in my mind I am still wandering along the Irish coast or enjoy a coffee on the busy streets of London. It has been a wonderful 9 days of freedom. And to remember it (and to mentally return to it during the inevitable annoying moments of certain work days) even after the first busy week of work, I’ve decided to listen to one (sometimes two) album each day of my journey and create a travel-playlist. I chose the music because of the rhythm or how I felt that particular day. Sometimes it took me an hour to find the right music but in the end I listened to the albums I chose on loop and didn’t get tired of them after the third repeat. And that’s what mattered: it accompanied me through the day.


Day 1 – Portishead („Portishead“)

Day 2 – Hundreds („Wilderness“); Beth Ditto („Fake Sugar“)

Day 3 – The Whitest Boy Alive („Rules“)

Day 4 – Trentemøller („Fixion“); Nils Frahm („Solo“)


Day 5 – The Whitest Boy Alive („Dreams“)

Day 6 – Timber Timbre („Sincerely, Future Politics“)

Day 7 – Bremer/McCoy („Ordet“)

Day 8 – Cigarettes After Sex („Cigarettes After Sex“)

Day  9 – Agnes Obel („Citizens of Glass“); Harry Potter OST

And then on my flight back last evening with British Airways, I found St. Vincent on the cover of the September highlife magazine. If that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is ;).


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