Fernsehturm Berlin

Spring is finally here!

Sunday was the last day of my holidays and I spent it with lots of lovely and hygge activities (except doing my taxes!). The sun was shining almost all day and it was so warm outside that I did not need a scarf or gloves later when I rode my bike into town. The winter temperatures from last week (-13C!) seemed like ages ago! 

books to read

A book is like a garden you carry inside your pocket

Bookstores are one of my favourite places. Ever. I love the smell in there, the smell of books in general, the dust on the higher shelves, the quiet you sometimes find in smaller stores. After a busy and tiring day at work I sometimes take a different route back home just to nip into one of my favourite bookstores.

Pinhole photography forest

7 days of blogging

For the past seven days I tried to publish one blog post each day, a project to finally get this blog going properly, to help me focus on something productive and fun after work. At first I thought I would never make it, wouldn’t find the time after sitting in front of a computer in the office all day. Strangely enough all the worries I had prior to this experiment were totally unfounded.


Hello world, this is me

… this is how many first blog posts probably start. It is not a very creative first title but it sums up what this blog will be about: my photography, my travels, my city trips. So I give this title a try and see where we end up! First, I should introduce myself. Like you do when you start a new blog. I am a Berlin based photography enthusiast that loves films photography and old cameras. Right now my camera shelf holds a collection of roughly about 40 different cameras, including pinhole, medium format and Polaroid cameras. In 2011 I began to travel again after many years of having no funds for going abroad much. My job also didn’t allow me to stay away from it for too long. Since then I have mostly been on various city trips within Europe. Sometimes it’s only a weekend away in my hometown, sometimes I am visiting friends or places I love. At least one camera is always with me. And when I stay abroad for more than a weekend, I am the person you don’t want to queue behind at the airport. They love examining my camera bag there and it takes […]