Fernsehturm Berlin
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Spring is finally here!

Sunday was the last day of my holidays and I spent it with lots of lovely and hygge activities (except doing my taxes!). The sun was shining almost all day and it was so warm outside that I did not need a scarf or gloves later when I rode my bike into town. The winter temperatures from last week (-13C!) seemed like ages ago! 

poached eggs avocado bread
Made some delicious breakfast today: salmon, poached eggs, avocado. Thanks to Mary Berry I managed to not ruin the eggs! Check out the recipe in the link! It’s not for the breakfast I made but for Eggs Benedict Florentine but she gives some nice tips on how to make poached eggs.
blue sky
How nice is it that the air is now warm enough so sit outside and look up into the sky! And to watch the planes fly by to and from TXL airport.
iced coffee
Finally the iced coffees are back! Went for a bike ride and had to have some iced caramel macchiato. Felt bad that I forgot my travel mug which I usually take with me to avoid getting drinks in single used cups…
Fernsehturm Berlin
Berlin Fernsehturm on the first warm, spring-like day of the year. 
water with little waves
The sun-kissed Spree with some waves from a passing ship.
sun kissed wall
I love it when the sun is finally so high up in the sky that she illuminates my living room all afternoon. Flats that face North-West are a bit tricky …. 


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