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One week of blogging – The #gobacktoblogging challenge

For a while now I wanted to get back into blogging on a regular basis – just for me, some friends, whoever wanted to read what I’m writing. On tumblr this has worked pretty well (and hasn’t been a challenge at all) for the past 6 years but it is not the same as a „real“ blog that allows people to comment and me to write long (boring) texts. Over on tumblr I mostly reblog things other people have already posted. So I only click one button and that’s it. With a regular blog I have to think about so many things:

  • what will the blog be about
  • when do I find the time to write
  • what do I write
  • do I want to have a certain theme I always return to?

So a while ago this new blog was born and since I started it I realized that I seem to have less time than ever to actually sit down and write something. Although I found a nice theme, have plenty of things to say, I am often too knackered after work to sit down and actually create a new post.

Over on instagram, ktinka mentioned that she knows this problem all too well and she started the #gobacktoblogging idea. And the first challenge we accepted is to write a blog post every day between December 1st to 7th. Maybe that will help me to get back into a routine and also show me that I actually DO have the time after work so sit down for an hour and concentrate on something I really like doing instead of using the computer for work.

Let’s go back to blogging then!

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    1. It actually (almost) worked out! I missed one day because I wasn’t at home. I am proud I actually managed to blog for 6 days (almost) in a row. YAY

  1. I think that commenting on blogs should have a revival too – it is so easy to clock ‚like‘ or to reblog, but to actually take a couple of seconds to give the writer/blogger a shoutout is so delightful. Good luck with your first week of #gobacktoblogging !

    1. You’re right about that! People comment so much on Facebook status updates nowadays and they take so little time commenting on a blog post people have put more effort in than a simple „I am bored“ on Facebook ;).

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