double exposure in Hamburg

Let’s just call this art, shall we?

double exposure in Hamburg
Sometimes the film surprises you… or the camera does. Or both.

Sometimes a film surprises me – in a good or in a bad way. The film I used to take the above picture was in my main luggage on a journey to New York City in 2012. The white overexposed edges are what happens when a film gets scanned by the powerful security scanners at the airport once your films are not stored in your hand luggage. Sadly, there were at least 20-25 films in my main luggage on my way back from New York. Some of them have not suffered, others have „light snakes“ on them, only visible after having been developed. This film luckily did not turn out so bad and I can actually convince myself that this is some kind of analogue photography „art“ :).

So: never forget to transport ALL your film in your hand luggage. At all times! Always.  

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