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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It’s the same each year: I either have too many ideas for Christmas gifts or I have zero. 2016 the latter is the case. There are a lot of things that inspire me and that I would like to have for myself but none of these items are really gifts for family and friends. So I’ve spent my past three Saturdays with Christmas gift hunting – not a very nice task in December when everyone else is doing exactly the same. (I hate it when people run into you with their hands full of shopping bags, ignoring other people completely)

Yesterday I finally found gifts for two more people so I am almost done with my Christmas shopping now! (don’t remind me that I still haven’t made and written any Christmas cards yet!) And to celebrate that end-of-the-year milestone I wrapped all the gifts I already have last night and this morning. Poppy Ackroyd’s „Feathers“ is playing in the background, I have hot tea and the rain and wind outside make my living room feel like the coziest place on earth. Have a peaceful and relaxing third Sunday of Advent.

Materials used: Fimo Air-Dry Clay, Edding 751 in gold, black gift wrap from Granit and star gift wrap from Modulor, gold/white cotton twine, Dymo label maker, black and gold Masking Tape, little gold star stickers from Paper Poetry.

christmas gift wrapping prep
Some freshly brewed tea, lots of masking tape, a comfy couch: let the gift wrapping begin.
crafting diamonds
I made these out of Fimo air dry clay I still had lying around. After the diamond shapes were dry, I added the golden lines. The name tags are made with the Dymo label maker.
wrapped present
The Christmas presents I’ve already bought are all wrapped now.
gift wrapped
Since my dad doesn’t read this blog I can post a picture of his Christmas present here. The diamonds are fastened with a bit of golden binding wire.

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  1. Ah – you are just too stylish for your own good – everything looks so lovely and festive in a minimal and perfect way. Good luck with writing cards and the last of the presents!

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