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I love to be beside the seaside – a visit to Brighton

Brighton – a dream come true. This town had been on my „must visit“ list for a long time. There is simply so much to see! Little shops, cafés, photography shops, the Pier, the seaside, seagulls… And of course: friends! Who were so kind and invited me to stay at their place for a few days. Because I was already in London, I simply took the train from London Victoria to Brighton (BTN). Travel time is about one hour and a return ticket costs around £ 34.50.

brighton pier
Brighton Pier

I arrived in the late afternoon hours so we did not have much time to do a quick walk around the town. Instead, we had delicious bagels at Bagelman first before we headed over to the Duke of York’s picture house to see a National Theatre Live screening of „The Deep Blue Sea“, starring Helen McCrory. In case you’ve never seen one of the NTA’s live screenings: I recommend it to anyone with an interest in theatre but not enough money to travel to London every week to see the productions live on stage. It’s a great experience! But that’s only one reason why I came to Brighton.

beach huts
These little huts line the promenade and the front doors are all painted in the brightest colours. Some huts even have names. Others were for sale. If you have £ 22.000 to spare you should buy one!

The next day we explored the town, starting with a walk along the seafront promenade starting at Hove Lawns. Because the beaches in Brighton are covered with pebbles, I couldn’t stop myself and started collecting witch stones – one of my favourite pastimes when at the seaside (along with going swimming of course). And since the wind was too strong and the temperature only around 20°C it was too cold to take a swim anyway (a few brave people actually took the risk, observed by a lifeguard).

I would've loved to take a picture at sunset or in the early morning hours. Maybe next time, because there's always a next time.
I would’ve loved to take a picture at sunset or in the early morning hours. Maybe next time, because there’s always a next time.

Of course we also passed the old West Pier that was sadly destroyed in a fire back in 2003. Nowadays it is nothing more than a very interesting and eerie photo subject and what feels like the most instagrammed thing in Brighton. I couldn’t withstand the fascination either and it took me a while to take pictures with the various cameras I had brought with me on this trip. Truth be told: I could’ve sat on the beach forever, watching the tide coming in, the seagulls and the group of kayakers circling around the pier.

Our next stop was the newest addition to the Brighton landscape: the British Airways i360, aka „the thing“ or „the doughnut“. Honestly, the view from the top of the capsule might be stunning and worth the price you pay for a ticket. But the design of „the thing“ and where they put it? Debatable. It looks wrong and alien.

helter skelter
Old Brighton vs New Brighton. The Helter-Skelter is probably one of the most „british“ funfair attractions ever. Yet in the background you can see Brighton’s newest attraction: the donut – I mean the British Airways i360.

As we walked on, we reached the old West Pier arches below the seafront promenade. Today lots of little shops, cafés and diners are located there. From locally handmade jewellery, art and photography to fresh seafood – you can find anything there. Thankfully the ‚traditional‘ touristy shops full of knick-knack have (almost) all vanished! So it was actually fun browsing through the goods that were offered. Although I told myself not to buy anything, I couldn’t resist and got a pair of cat shaped earrings at one of the shops as well as a postcard.

For our lunch break we decided to try the Lucky Beach Café – because that place offered Hot Fish Tacos and Crab Bruschetta! And they make very good coffee as well. The food was excellent and very tasty. I definitely recommend that place. Sadly it started raining while we were sitting on their terrace so exploring the beach (and the Brighton Pier) further was postponed to the next day. We waited until the heavy rain stopped before heading into town to explore the Lanes. Actually that experience needs a separate post… 🙂




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