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Copenhagen – a summer dream

Finally I can cross this holiday destination off my (extremely) long bucket list: Copenhagen!

After so many years of spending my holidays at Denmark’s North Sea and Baltic Sea costs, I have finally travelled to the capital this summer. I don’t know for how many years I have wanted to go to Copenhagen and I can also not tell you exactly why. Maybe it is because I love danish design so much or that I’ve been a fan of hygge before this word found its way out of Denmark? One reason might also be that I love city trips, being near the sea, exploring towns on my own. All these things had a huge influence in why I chose Copenhagen for my summer holiday destination. 

Whenever I travel I try to make sure that there are some things about the place I visit that I love. I don’t go to places just because they are on a „1000 places you have to see before you die“ list. I don’t travel to create a nice to look at and hip instagram photo stream. Maybe I miss a few nice places but I rather trust my gut than currents trends. 

For Copenhagen I have made a small list of places to visit before I started my journey. First of all I wanted to stay at a private guest bedroom via airbnb again. You stay in areas that are not necessarily right in the middle of the city centre, you get to know locals and get recommendations about things to do in town. 

This is the list of things I wanted to explore/see/go to while in Copenhagen:

  • Danish Design Museum
  • Harbour Boat Tour
  • HAY Flagship Store
  • rent a bike
  • go swimming at the Kastrup sea bath
  • beachtime
  • Glyptoteket
  • Botanical Gardens

A small list for a 6 day trip you might say. Well, I’ve learned my lesson from a five day London trip I took in 2016 that had so many points on my to do list that I ended up feeling stressed about that stupid list! Since that holiday I try to write down only a few things I really want to see/visit and then find more things to do while I am at the place itself. It’s so much better! You don’t go without any plan or idea what you can do once having arrived at your destination but you also do not feel burdened by that long list of things you feel you HAVE to do. 

Needless to say that I saw a lot more than the things on that tiny list. And I will write about those in several blog posts over the coming weeks (until my next trip to Brighton takes me away from my computer in two weeks time ;)). 

Teaser: I went to the beach of course! 

sunny beach
Dunes at Amager Strandpark in Copenhagen/Pentacon Six



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