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Bad winter ? good winter ! – How I turned a cancelled holiday into a hygge mini trip

What a nightmare! On March 2nd I was supposed to go on holiday for a week. The plan was to fly into Dublin, take a bus down to Cork and take part in the annual Ireland Sacred Harp convention along with a hundred other shape not singers from all across Europe and the US. Sadly winter decided to be nasty and covered Ireland in snow and snowstorms. As a result the airport was closed and the flight cancelled. The next available flight would have been on March 4th in the evening – when the convention was over. So with a tear in my eye, I cancelled the entire trip (as did my friends who were joining me for the Sacred Harp convention).

I had been looking forward to this trip since last year in October! And of course I didn’t want to simply show up at work on Monday and tell my colleagues: „surprise, I decided I like you more than being on holidays, so here I am!“ Alternative plans, like going to London instead or fly somewhere else within Europe spontaneously, were quashed immediately after they came up: flights to London were too expensive and full. Flights to anywhere else on such short notice exceeded every normal person’s budget. 

So what could I do? I could not stay at home! It would have made me so miserable. And then my dad called because he had some question about the oh so evil internet and I immediately asked him if it would be possible for me to come over for a few days because my holidays just got cancelled. Train tickets were still affordable, my suitcase was packed anyway. And off I went the next afternoon.

What had started as a really bad holiday because of unpredictable winter weather turned into a trip to winter wonderland. For over a week, the temperatures had been really low during the day and especially at night. Ideal condition for going ice skating on natural ice again! 

Started my first morning at home with a early morning work. First of all I didn’t want to meet or see too many people and secondly the morning light is just beautiful.
And I found some details along the way: as if the water level would rise or fall when the lake is frozen.
broken natural ice
Luckily the ice was actually thick enough to skate on – with some flaws of course like this break line. And although the local authorities warned everyone from stepping onto the ice, many people did so anyway.
animal prints in snow
Some parts of the ice were covered in a layer of snow and some animal had left its prints.
birds in flight
The countryside is beautiful when it is really cold outside. I heard the cranes before I could see them. Their twittering was the only sound. Thankful for my mom to kick me out of bed at 7am on a holiday!
holding a piece of ice
Getting up early and walking around the village, near the shore, in -13C degree weather was initially a nice idea. Until I started to take pictures with my phone and had to take my gloves off. But holding this piece of ice with the gloves on would have looked boring. And later, when I was back home, I had some hot tea and took a bath to warm up again.
ice yachts
This is the best part about natural ice and growing up near a huge lake: you can go ice skating when winter is kind to us and gives us very cold temperatures for at least a full week. So instead of going to Ireland, I had the chance to go ice skating on natural ice again. I bet the ice yachts had fun as well!

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