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Autumn in Berlin

yellow leaf

I am not an autumn person at all. But sometimes, when the weather is nice and the sun shines through the yellow and orange leaves, then everything about autumn is perfect for a while. Then I suddenly find myself sitting on my bike on my way to the nearest park or forest.

Last weekend it was the Rehberge park in the north of Berlin: a sheer endless area full of trees, meadows, cute dogs and people enjoying the rare sunshine before the rainy and dark days return.
tree roots pinecone tannenzapfen

For some pictures you need to have a closer look at the ground you are standing on. Peel your eyes away from the lovely autumn colours and the blue sky to discover what is hidden underneath and next to your feet. Acorns, little mushrooms, spiders, cobwebs, and fir cones litter the ground.spider web twig light sunlight autumn

Don’t be afraid to get your trousers all muddy. Ignore the passers-by that stare at you while you are lying flat on the ground to take a picture of some tiny mushrooms hidden underneath a yellow leaf. Sometimes the best pictures happen when you ignore the world around you. mushrooms and leaves yellow foliage

Taking pictures of complete strangers is not something I do every day but yesterday I felt the need to have some human beings on my pictures. They are out of focus, half hidden behind trees, tiny accessories almost invisible and unrecognizable. And yet, they add some life to the picture. branches tree detail fog autumn

Usually I am a very lazy person on Sundays after having finished all the chores that I didn’t take care of during the week. And normally I would’ve stayed at home, read a book, had some tea. But then I cannot resist the sunshine! Now I am glad I forced myself to leave my flat and take some pictures and enjoy a nice walk. The best cure against autumn blues.
acorn on the ground

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  1. These photos are so pinterest/instagram worthy – beautiful! I think this is what people mean when they say they love autumn – except of course days like these are few. You captured this day in a wonderful way.

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