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April: the month I bought too many records

April 22nd, World Record Store Day. April 2017 – month I bought a shitload of records.

After the dark, rainy and cold winter days I needed some new fresh music to cheer me up (not that it stopped being rainy and cold… April was a typical April with rain and hail showers, stormy weather and frosty nights). And I somehow ended up with 6 new records! Four of them by female singer/songwriters/bandleaders and two of them rather „retro“. 

  • Hundreds – Hundreds: it’s their debut album from 2010 and I loved it back then but only had a digital copy at home. When they played a concert in Berlin this year I couldn’t walk past the merchandise without buying this record and having it signed by Eva. They are absolutely amazing live and their music goes right through you during a concert. I could not stop dancing and I felt every muscle the next day. The first and the newest record (Wilderness) are my favourites and as much as I like listening to these at home, one has to see Hundreds live. One of the few bands that are live even better than their recordings. 
  • Austra – Future Politics: I remember seeing them live at the Dockville festival in London a few years ago and a few weeks back Spotify threw the newest release at me in my weekly Monday morning playlist. I listened to the new album every day for a week. Then I decided that I needed a physical copy and got the vinyl. 21st century New Wave at its best.
  • Nina Hagen Band – Nina Hagen Band: Sorry this is a classic with a very iconic cover shot by Jim Rakete. Found it at a flea market and bought it 1. because of Nina Hagen 2. because of the cover picture. Enough said 🙂
  • Judith Holofernes – Ich bin das Chaos: I LOVE Wir sind Helden and I miss this band terribly! The concerts were always so much fun and I have fond memories of every one of them. Thankfully Judith didn’t stop writing songs and her new solo album is my new spring soundtrack. Thoughtful, funny, witty lyrics – as always. 
  • Fettes Brot – Mitschnacker: I started listening to Fettes Brot in 1997 and own every one of their albums, except this one which was still missing in my collection. Thanks to Record Store Day I now have a copy! When I played it for the first time I realized how much I miss the old Fettes Brot and how much I wish they would return to their late 1990s/early 2000s style (basically I want the Nervenkostüm back please?!).
  • Timber Timbre – Sincerely, Future Pollution: Dark and creepy gothic folk? Is that even a genre? It’s not folk music to me because their sound is too dark… wikipedia says „Timber Timbre’s sound has been described as „an aesthetic rooted in swampy, ragged blues“ and „beautifully restrained blues from an alternate universe“, which creates an atmosphere that is cinematic and spooky.“ I think that’s an accurate description. Music for days when you cannot stand happy music or loud stuff or electronic stuff but need some lyrics but not something you happily sing along to. (I know I’m weird, thanks)

I wish I was better at describing how each album makes me feel but sadly I lack this ability. You can listen to all of these albums (except Nina Hagen Band) on Spotify in case one of them sounds interesting to you. Enjoy! And maybe one of you has some recommendations for more new music I could listen to.


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