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Advent season

Advent – houses and flats decorated with evergreens, misteltoe, nuts and berries. Christmas ornaments on doors and tables, candles everywhere. It is my favourite time of the year when it comes to decorating my flat. This year I decided to change the colour scheme I usually use for Christmas to something new: black, gold, green, white and brown. And yesterday I finally finished hanging all the decorations I’ve collected and created so far.

christmas decoration
Christmas decoration made from a branch I found in the park. I added some evergreens and an IKEA ornament. The garland is from Depot.
golden acorn
The acorn is from a red oak tree. I used gold spray paint to decorate it.
decoration ornaments
I started collecting ornaments in gold, white, black in green back in October and then hung them on the huge steal beam that runs across my living room ceiling.
advent wreath
A very minimalist approach to an advent wreath. Glass stones, a small tree, black candles in a glass cylinder.

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    1. The secret is: superglue. All my acorns were „decapitated“ which made it easier to paint them. And once the paint was dry, I glued the caps back on.

  1. I love this – the minimalism, the colour scheme, the planning that goes into it. It reminds me of Jones Design Company and such – classy, minimalist, but approachable.

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