schneeweiss park

A walk through the wintery park

I’ve once again been to Volkspark Rehberge. Instead of the yellow autumn light I encountered at the last visit, the park was now covered by a wintery snowy blanket. People enjoyed a walk in this winter wonderland, went for a jog, let their dogs play happily in the fluffy snow or enjoyed a sledging down that marvellous hill that’s perfect for this activity. Sadly my sledge is stored in a warm and dry place at my parents and not with me in Berlin. Otherwise I would’ve swooshed down that hill as well with a huge grin on my face. Still, I enjoyed my trip to the park, the children’s laughter, the happy faces and just watching them racing down the hills on their sometimes very inventive ersatz-sledges (yoga mats? car tyres?). 

Of course I also had various cameras with me (three to be exact) and my Nikon luckily survived my fall (stupid icy patch on that stupid path). And while others enjoyed playing in the snow I searched the white landscape for little bits of colour. It’s amazing what you find when you walk through the park with open eyes. So many little details caught my attention that I often stayed at one spot for twenty minutes or so until I found the right angle for my pictures. 

Not everything is white and dreary. Enjoy the winter! Go out and take a walk in the woods, in a park, along the riverbank. Take off your headphones, don’t look on your phones (unless you’re taking pictures with it), listen to the sounds around you. Breathe in the fresh, cold air. Make a snowball, a snow angel. Watch the dogs, the children, have a snowball fight.

evergreens snow

fresh green

leaves in snow

pink berries

green leaves covered in snow

tree carving jessica

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