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7 days of blogging

Pinhole photography forest
For the past seven days I tried to publish one blog post each day, a project to finally get this blog going properly, to help me focus on something productive and fun after work. At first I thought I would never make it, wouldn’t find the time after sitting in front of a computer in the office all day. Strangely enough all the worries I had prior to this experiment were totally unfounded. Once I arrived at home I took some time to make dinner, read a bit, browsed the web and then sat down to write. Of course, only maybe two of the things I published were actually entries I would have written anyway. But the point is: it would have taken me days, if not weeks, to finally sit down and simply start writing and editing.

I know now that I actually have enough free time in the evenings to do a lot of other things than complaining about that I work too many hours and that my work/life balance is unbalanced. I think each and every one of us has thoughts like that every other day. And it might be like this sometimes. But not all of the time. I also learned that writing, even if it is just a little text, helps me to relax, to focus and to let go of the busy day. I will continue to blog more often than I used to. Perhaps not every day and probably not five days a week but once I have an idea I want to write about, I will no longer simply make a little note that says „write about that later“. Instead I will sit down and publish it immediately.


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