sunny beach

Copenhagen – a summer dream

Finally I can cross this holiday destination off my (extremely) long bucket list: Copenhagen! After so many years of spending my holidays at Denmark’s North Sea and Baltic Sea costs, I have finally travelled to the capital this summer. I don’t know for how many years I have wanted to go to Copenhagen and I can also not tell you exactly why. Maybe it is because I love danish design so much or that I’ve been a fan of hygge before this word found its way out of Denmark? One reason might also be that I love city trips, being near the sea, exploring towns on my own. All these things had a huge influence in why I chose Copenhagen for my summer holiday destination. 

Fernsehturm Berlin

Spring is finally here!

Sunday was the last day of my holidays and I spent it with lots of lovely and hygge activities (except doing my taxes!). The sun was shining almost all day and it was so warm outside that I did not need a scarf or gloves later when I rode my bike into town. The winter temperatures from last week (-13C!) seemed like ages ago! 

broken natural ice

Bad winter ? good winter ! – How I turned a cancelled holiday into a hygge mini trip

What a nightmare! On March 2nd I was supposed to go on holiday for a week. The plan was to fly into Dublin, take a bus down to Cork and take part in the annual Ireland Sacred Harp convention along with a hundred other shape not singers from all across Europe and the US. Sadly winter decided to be nasty and covered Ireland in snow and snowstorms. As a result the airport was closed and the flight cancelled. The next available flight would have been on March 4th in the evening – when the convention was over. So with a tear in my eye, I cancelled the entire trip (as did my friends who were joining me for the Sacred Harp convention).

herbsttage regentage

Rainy days

I am definitely not a fan of autumn. In fact, I hate it with a passion! All the rain and the wind and the lack of daylight. The only thing that keeps me alive right now is my participation in this year’s NaNoWriMo – the National Novel Writing Month.